Let me start by explaining why I am here...


While I may look like your typical city girl at first glancebehind that leather jacket beats the heart of a true bohemian. I hate feeling tied down to one person, one place, or one role. I have a love and a craving for new experiences. The excitement and surprises that come from meeting new people is something I thrive on - it's akin to the feeling I get from visiting an unfamiliar country or city for the first time. 

I've also always loved having secrets. There's something about walking around and knowing something that no one else knows, that makes me feel very emotionally intimate with myself. I love having this escape in my life that is completely my own, unaffected by anything or anyone else in my life. That being said, as long as you like what you read and see, I invite you to join me in my secret little world - if only for a night.